Monday, August 25, 2008


Bill decided that he needed to purchase something that I'm not to thrilled about.....only because I am a paranoid wife,mother,sister and whatever else I may be..... I'm sure his Grandma Phillips is pointing down her finger from Heaven saying..."those darn murdercycles". I think she came up with the perfect name for them....I made him promise me he wouldn't ride it, not even up and down the street, without a helmet. He is a hard worker, and I couldn't say no if it was something that he'd enjoy doing. We went to Twin and checked it out and of course he had to have Chad check it out as well. So we wrote out the dreaded check and made a trip out to Murtaugh so Bill and Chad could ride and check it out. Chad says we got a good deal, so there ya go! :)
Sorry we crashed your movie night Terri.

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