Monday, April 28, 2008


Here are some updates of the past little while that many of you have been asking for. :)

APRIL 18th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND! A Big whoppin 28!. He didn't like this birthday to much because he says he is getting too close to 30. We went out to dinner and a movie on friday, then on saturday, we I had planned a surprise BBQ with his friends at our house, but canceled it because the "weather report" said it was suppose to be windy and rainy. Lo and behold...perfect BBQ weather. Bill decided to go with his bro's and cousins hunting and fishing. His birthday didn't go as planned, so I'm glad he was able to go out and do that all day saturday. I am very lucky gal to have bill as my "man", and a father to our kids. Don't worry hon, I still think you've "got it" even though you're almost 30!. :) xoxox

One of the things he's been wanting were some cowboy boots

Coldstone Cake (yummy) at Grandma Kings House.

April 26th: Boy do I wish I had pictures for this next one!!!
I suppose you could use the word "Redneck", but it was for a good cause. are you ready for this??????

We did participate in this very redneck contest. Whoever brings in the biggest rockchuck, wins a rifle. 1st-3rd place all win a rifle and if you place further down, you're entered in for a raffle to win the rifle. Bill invited me to participate in this all day adventure. We started the day off with Bill and I in his truck with a walkie talkie talking to Sherm and Kyle in Sherms truck. Well somehow, I ended up driving the truck and Bill was in the passenger side with his gun ready to go....(you can only get away with this is Idaho). It was quite interesting. He does have his concealed weapons permit and we were out in the country in fields, so no worrying. Later that day, I overheard them talking about what they were doing and they came up with a name for the mission we were on....
MISSION : DESERT CHUBBYCHUCK. (I can just hear Rich's Redneck jokes rollin right off his tongue about now....or "you know you live in Idaho" saying....)

Here's some fun pictures just cuz

Madisen would NOT let me get her dressed for the day...She wanted to wear her diaper, her pink shoes, her jacket and my hair scarf...and she would cry and scream whenever I'd try to take the picture...silly girl.

Riley really wanted to make faces with mom so we could put them on here....and.....
I had to put my hair extentions on him....he has such a nice looking face he can really pull it off! ;) (Bill was not happy bout that.)

They enjoy this equally...Riley loves to snuggle Lily , and as you can see, Lily loves it too.

I know this is very long....but YOU wanted the update... :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today was going to be a post of our last couple weeks of uplifting, fun blog-worthy stuff....instead, we are very sad, yes that's right, all of us....Our precious pearl passed away today. She was 1 yr and 3 months. It was such a freak accident thing. (remind you all, this is the only explanation as far as the doctor together with us can come up with) Bill takes his dog to work with him everyday and today she was with Bill at work and loaded up into the back of the truck so Bill could go get lunch...when he got to where he was going she jumped out and wobbled around and was just very weird. She laid down and wouldn't move, she wouldn't load up into the truck or anything, she wouldn't even stand up. Bill took her to the vet and they did some blood work thinking that she got into anti-freeze or rat poison. This however was not the case, as the test all came back negative. She was unconsiouse at this time and the vet said she had very low blood pressure. The vet was then thinking that she got hit at some point, however, the x ray came back just fine. Within the hour, our sweet dog passed on. The vet was stumped at what was wrong and asked if he could go in and see if he could see something. He called back and said that her main artery that goes into her liver ripped from her liver....therefor causing internal bleeding. He said that the only possible explanation for this is when she loaded up into the truck she just stretched her body to far. She was the runt of the litter, and maybe had something that didn't form as strong as it should've been.

We all, especially Riley are very sad this evening and wanted to post pictures of our first dog. Riley was in love with her when we brought her home at 6 wks old. He played outside everyday possible. Bill too was very excited because she was just trained and pheasant season is coming up and now he is very bummed. He wasn't sold into the idea of getting a dog, and I sat and begged and begged. Finally he said we can get a dog as long as she can be his hunting dog. He spent hours and hours training her and became extremely fond of his dog. I don't think he thought he could have as strong of a bond with her as he did. Ofcourse I was very excited because we were going to breed her this next heat and have cute lil pups. (We'd however only keep one of those :) ) She was so sweet with the kids and never growled or barked, not even when she was treated like a horse..Riley and madi tried to ride her.

No dog will ever replace her, but we went and bought another dog just like Pearl..German short-haired pointer all liver pun intended. We will name her Roxey and we get to go pick her up when she is 6 wks old and it happens to fall on Mother's Day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Madisen wanted to pick Lily's outfit for the day, and it happened to be Build A Bear "Lily Bear's" outfit she wanted her to wear.

The kids and I went to Utah to visit my mom for the week. These pictures are from Discovery in the Gateway Mall... It's huge and a ton to do for the kids...they were in heaven....It's a very neat place, but if you ask's a place where I think germy's like to be....and sure enough, later that night, Riley wasn't eating and broke out into a fever, but thank goodness that was the extent of it.

This was Riley's FAVORITE THING about Discovery!

I think they said the helicopter was donated to discovery from the University Hospital??? You could push a button up front that made it sound like it was going to take off. It made Riley really nervous and he kept asking the other kids to turn it off. He didn't want it to take off with them driving it!!! I don't blame him! :)