Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, we took Madisen to the doctor yesterday because we think she has sleep apnea (no fun). The first step they take in correcting this in children is removing the tonsils and adnoids because they can be very large and obstruct the airway. Well Madi and Riley had both their tonsils and adnoids removed due to snoring in June of last year...YUCK! Two at the same time, but I figured let's just get it over with. Well it is possible for adnoids to grow back. The doctor checked her out and asked me a whole bunch of different of which was "Is daddy over weight" I literaly laughed because all of us that know Bill know that he is definately not overwieght...if anything underweight (Sorry hon, love ya, muah!) Okay, not underweight, just skinny ??Is that any better??? Anyway, he started examining and looked up her nose and then down her throat. He didn't see anything other then a "cobblestone" throat. Which could indicate a post nasal drip, which means inflamed mucus membranes. Anyhow, he is not sure if that is what is causing the snoring and the gasping for air but he wants to start lower on the recter scale then jumping and sending her to an ear nose and throat doctor for a sleep study if it could be her mucus membranes. She is on a steriod nasal spray, (which we don't like) for 4-6 wks, and if that doesn't change anything, off for a sleep study. Well today, Madi woke up and came and told me she was hot. Took her temp and she is at 100. and has a sore throat. Now I'm thinking that the "cobblestone" throat the doctor saw is the result of her getting sick. We had a doctor that would jump on treating the worst case possible and switched, and now our new doctor starts with the least severe thing....WHICH IS BETTER? Bill has also been sick, so I hope Riley and I can keep our distance along with lily bug.