Sunday, April 6, 2008


Madisen wanted to pick Lily's outfit for the day, and it happened to be Build A Bear "Lily Bear's" outfit she wanted her to wear.

The kids and I went to Utah to visit my mom for the week. These pictures are from Discovery in the Gateway Mall... It's huge and a ton to do for the kids...they were in heaven....It's a very neat place, but if you ask's a place where I think germy's like to be....and sure enough, later that night, Riley wasn't eating and broke out into a fever, but thank goodness that was the extent of it.

This was Riley's FAVORITE THING about Discovery!

I think they said the helicopter was donated to discovery from the University Hospital??? You could push a button up front that made it sound like it was going to take off. It made Riley really nervous and he kept asking the other kids to turn it off. He didn't want it to take off with them driving it!!! I don't blame him! :)