Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Wow!!! Can you believe it!! I finally have all my pictures organized and things have settled down a bit. After this update, I have updated from my last post up until now!!! Hooray! There is quite a bit of writing but I have to do this. I promised myself that I will have this blog printed as to act like my journal, so I am trying not to miss anything.
July 12th
We had the Peterson Family Reunion and went to Lake Walcott and had a picnic and just hung out. We took the boat out and for the first time, I decided nothing is keeping me from trying to wake board now, so it's now or never....dang I'm good!!! My first try to get up and I did it....Now I know I look goofy and awkward, but I was just excited I was up and had not been drug in the nasty water..see my hair is still dry!!!Bill caught some good air a few times and had a good crash :)

See, Dry Hair!
Oh, Still Dry Hair!
Okay, the Dry hair ends here!
Our day in the sun wiped out the kids and it was a nice quiet drive home. Okay so Lily napped most of the day, so she was wide awake.

July 18-20
We had the Phillips Family Reunion at Aberdeen Reservoir. I have no pictures from this reunion, but it was very fun. We had boat rides, talent shows, a real "dead pig" and lamb ??? roasted for us, well for them, I chose not to participate in that. :) It is one of my fav reunions to attend and am so lucky to have these people as my extended family. I remember when Bill brought me for the first time and everyone just welcomed me right in and was so kind and loving. I love you guys!!! I suppose next time I better take pictures.

July 28- August 8th.
We had Andrea down from Oregon come visit for a few days then off to Utah she went. While she was here we had a great time. Riley was so excited to see the boys. They played and played and surprisingly, there were maybe a couple squabbles between the boys. Redden has one little girl that is very fond of him. Her name happens to be Madisen. She followed him everywhere, did what he did, studied what he did and followed him some more. Her new name is "shadow". Here are some pics of when they were here.
Playing the Wii - (Note - what is Madi watching...yes it's Redden)

Lily and Andrea

After they left....I headed up to Grace to hang out and to go to the good ol' Caribou County Fair. Thanks Grandma for letting us stay. We had a grand time during the yard sale, the parade, the rodeo, the easy way trips for the mugs, and last but not least the scooter rides. Thanks McKelle!! After our hang out in Grace, we went to Logan (for Andrea's surprise baby shower) and stayed at Grandma Andreasen's house (If you ever read this G-ma thanks again)We hung out with Andrea again at the pool and at the baby shower. Thanks mom for all the cute cute clothes. No it wasn't a shower for me, but I still got some clothes for the kids....Sweet!!!

*I have updates that keep continuing clear down to the fourth of July if you dare to keep reading. However you do have to go to the one dated August 24th to learn of my neat experience.