Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween and other happenings!

Halloween day started off by a showing on our house (yippee), a fabulous photo shoot from sears...(they are cheap & turned out cute & they were not Halloween pictures...I just choose this time of year for the yearly shoot ;) ) and a night full of trunk or treating. The pictures aren't that great of the kids, so I may just have to put them in their costumes again for a few photos.
My trick or tr eaters consisted of
1) A hot wheels race car driver
2) A stinkin cute bumble bee
3) An adorable chubby lady bug!
This year by far was most enjoyable. The kids would ACTUALLY say those magic words "trick or treat" and then (I have ALWAYS told them that in order for that goody to stay in their bag,) they HAVE to say thank you,(or the giver is entitled to remove the I mean?)
Madi loved it and wanted to leave the ward trunk or treating and go actuall trick or treating. We have a few of the grannies that EXPECT us to stop by every year so we did go visit them. Lily LOVED it too! She was sucking on a sucker the whole time enjoying the weirdness of the world. (that's what Riley calls it.)
So that was our Halloween.

Our house showed this past Friday to an older couple from California that had already looked at it once before....they were at our house for quite some time (I was hiding out...peeping at them from my neighbors house...ssshhh don't tell) and scheduled another visit Saturday....
While they were here, my realtor called and said....

keep going

THEY WANT TO PLACE AN OFFER!!!!! Although, it was not the offer we hoped for, we were able to counter offer back and forth a bit.....and now are sleeping on the decision.....They are retiring in August and won't move in until the plan, if all goes we will take their offer, close on the house Dec 31st, and live here "rent free" (reimbursement, if you will, for a lower offer) until Bill is finished with our new house.
We shall sleep on it, so who know's??..???zzzzzzz.........zzzzz.
We will make a decision on Monday.


Privacy Issues.......
I don't want to put my blog private....I don't feel like sending out a whole bunch of invites to you I will be removing names and personal things I feel fit worthy of removal.....
I want to have "nick" names for us please, please, give me will be a contest...I don't know what you'll win, but if you're lucky, it will be something.
I will narrow it down to a few and have a voting on them.....
Please Please participate and help me fill this void I have with creativity-ness...

Lily's birthday post will be in a few days, I was going to do it tonite, but I am suppose to be preparing my talk for Sacrament meeting tomorrow,..well I guess it's this morning now...oh my...

I just tried to upload the Halloween photos....and they are on the internal memory of my camera...and I've never done that before and it is waaaayyy to late for me to try to figure it I'll have to figure it out tomorrow after Church.