Friday, February 5, 2010

Alive and Well...Busy.

I can't believe I let my blog sit for such a long time. Once October hits, our family is sooo busy, I have to dedicate my time where it is most important. However, I think I need to fit this in better because this is what I use as my journal.
We had Riley's Birthday, Halloween, Lily's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Madisen's Birthday, Blake returned from his mission, Christmas, New Years...and all the fun family get together over the holidays. Throw in me working, Riley going to School, Bill taking Calc II, Physics II, Drafting and Natural Resource classes, oh ya, being a mom, cleaning, cooking and all that fun stuff, sure makes for a super busy family. Ugg, I don't like how busy I am, it's like life is going in fast forward, and I'm stuck somewhere in all the hustle bustle. And what in the world were Bill and I thinking having ALL 3 kids at the end of the calender year. OCt, Nov, Dec. Advice from me...Don't do it!! For sure, If we have 1 more, it will definitely be a May-ish baby.
Ok, so I was going to post pics, and i know posts are boring with out pictures, but I'm on the laptop lying in bed, and my card is in the other computer...
So here are some random ones stored on this computer.
Good nite and enjoy.
Living Planet Aquarium

Halloween 2009 Riley was Bumblee Bee, Nascar Driver & Skeleton .. Boo Yah. Madi was also a bumblee bee but a much girlier (is that even a word? ha!) one. And Lily was a Spider Princess ( Whatever the heck that is....that's just what the tag said.) but she did look cute.