Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Swimming, Camping & Smiles

Last weekend, it was the Father Son Outing down at Sligers Campground. Bill took Riley down and they had a grand ol' time. They took some rice crispy treats down and stayed up really late. When they got home, they both were exhausted and I didn't really find out why they were so tired. Bill disappeared with Riley as I continued my cleaning spree and as I walked into his room to put his clothes away...this is what I walked in on......
After their "nap" I was informed that Bill and Sherm took Riley out for a late night hunt. They went spotlighting and actually shot a badger. Riley was quite descriptive of what the badger looked teeth, small back legs and big front legs and hairy and bloody... OOOHHH I don't like badgers...they are ugly and they scare me....not my idea of fun. :)
The following Monday, Madi and I were in side playing when daddy got home. He hadn't come in the house yet so I ran outside to see what he was doing. I was only outside for a few minutes and walked in on this.....
NO! She's not hiding from me....she had fallen asleep while "digging" for a Mike n Ike! She's my little munchkin....some days she's 6 and other days she is 4.....(It's more like 2.5 going on 16.)AAHHHH She is getting big SOO Fast!

I know there are A LOT of pictures of Lily this time.....but a baby's grin is just priceless...... answer your questions......
No, this is not lipstick!!! But it IS my raspberry cream filled doughnut!!!She loved it!

Here is our Slide show of our family night at Sligers Swimming Pool. (It is an indoor pool that is actually a natural hot spring that they have to run cool water in because it is so HOT!
(you have to click on each picture to view them...enjoy)
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