Monday, February 23, 2009

Pictureless Post...but priceless.

If I could've only caught on camera what I witnessed today, it would be PRICELESS. It's a cute little image that I will always remember. Cheesy, maybe...true, yes.
I sent the kids outside today to get some fresh air. The sun today definately gave us spring fever. They were jumping on the trampoline with all the neighbor kids and decided they wanted to go across the street to play at the other kids' house. Riley and the other boys hopped off the tramp leaving Madi trailing behind...(mind you, I'm watching the whole thing...Madi still makes me nervous on the tramp...she is OC!!) Back comes Riley as she is struggling to get off, and he grabs her coat while she climbs down, then proceeds with trying to put her coat on...they didn't quite manage the process and decided to head over to the neighbors....again with Madi bringing up the rear. Riley then turns around, runs back to Madi and grabs her coat so she could go run with them.
As frustrated as I get with him, he's sure a sweetheart & knows how to take care of his little sister!
What a sweet heart!!!