Monday, August 25, 2008


After work today, Bill decided to take the kids and I to the drive in movie theatre. Get ready for this story... We grabbed blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, the kids little couches, and of course bug spray. The movie at 9:00pm was Space Chimps and the 10:15 movie was Kung Fu Panda. We arrived with about 20 min left in the first movie and got all settled and snuggled in for the second. Right at the beginning of the second movie... low and behold, Bill's truck died!! So the movie we wanted to see we couldn't even hear. What happened to the good ol' drive in movie theatres with the speakers on the post next to the cars!!!! We obviously needed a jump in order to get we just sat and stared at the screen hearing a few words hear and there. Oh about 20 minutes into the movie, Madisen had already fell asleep taking up a whole sleeping bag, pillow and blanket. Bill was sitting with Riley on his little couch with another sleeping bag and TWO blankets....and shortly after Madi fell asleep, Riley went right along with her. I was sitting on Madi's couch with Lily wrapped in another blanket sound asleep next to me. I was freezing cold not enjoying the movie at all cuz I couldn't hear A THING! I asked Bill if we could leave but that was an obvious no.....BECAUSE HE WAS SLEEPING RIGHT ALONG WITH ALL THE KIDS. We might as well stayed home and slept out on the tramp $12 dollars richer. HEHE it was kinda funny after the fact....we eventually asked our movie neighbors if they could jump us....and after we got jumped a gentleman came over and asked if he could have a jump also...and that he thought there was another lady that needed a jump...We drove around and gave them jumps and realized they were all GM's!!!!What's up with that?

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Mark and Lachelle said...

Ha! That sounds like something that would have happened to me! Although, I don't own a GMC, so I probably would have been fine ;) Just joking. GMC's are good cars. That's pretty crazy that all the people the needed jumps were GMC's.