Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Wow!!! Can you believe it!! I finally have all my pictures organized and things have settled down a bit. After this update, I have updated from my last post up until now!!! Hooray! There is quite a bit of writing but I have to do this. I promised myself that I will have this blog printed as to act like my journal, so I am trying not to miss anything.
July 12th
We had the Peterson Family Reunion and went to Lake Walcott and had a picnic and just hung out. We took the boat out and for the first time, I decided nothing is keeping me from trying to wake board now, so it's now or never....dang I'm good!!! My first try to get up and I did it....Now I know I look goofy and awkward, but I was just excited I was up and had not been drug in the nasty water..see my hair is still dry!!!Bill caught some good air a few times and had a good crash :)

See, Dry Hair!
Oh, Still Dry Hair!
Okay, the Dry hair ends here!
Our day in the sun wiped out the kids and it was a nice quiet drive home. Okay so Lily napped most of the day, so she was wide awake.

July 18-20
We had the Phillips Family Reunion at Aberdeen Reservoir. I have no pictures from this reunion, but it was very fun. We had boat rides, talent shows, a real "dead pig" and lamb ??? roasted for us, well for them, I chose not to participate in that. :) It is one of my fav reunions to attend and am so lucky to have these people as my extended family. I remember when Bill brought me for the first time and everyone just welcomed me right in and was so kind and loving. I love you guys!!! I suppose next time I better take pictures.

July 28- August 8th.
We had Andrea down from Oregon come visit for a few days then off to Utah she went. While she was here we had a great time. Riley was so excited to see the boys. They played and played and surprisingly, there were maybe a couple squabbles between the boys. Redden has one little girl that is very fond of him. Her name happens to be Madisen. She followed him everywhere, did what he did, studied what he did and followed him some more. Her new name is "shadow". Here are some pics of when they were here.
Playing the Wii - (Note - what is Madi watching...yes it's Redden)

Lily and Andrea

After they left....I headed up to Grace to hang out and to go to the good ol' Caribou County Fair. Thanks Grandma for letting us stay. We had a grand time during the yard sale, the parade, the rodeo, the easy way trips for the mugs, and last but not least the scooter rides. Thanks McKelle!! After our hang out in Grace, we went to Logan (for Andrea's surprise baby shower) and stayed at Grandma Andreasen's house (If you ever read this G-ma thanks again)We hung out with Andrea again at the pool and at the baby shower. Thanks mom for all the cute cute clothes. No it wasn't a shower for me, but I still got some clothes for the kids....Sweet!!!

*I have updates that keep continuing clear down to the fourth of July if you dare to keep reading. However you do have to go to the one dated August 24th to learn of my neat experience.

Monday, August 25, 2008


August 2002 - Wedding Day

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BILL!!! 6 years ago today, you were standing in the bathroom doorway telling me to "hurry we're gonna be late". I still remember the day clearly. The night before we stayed up into the wee hours of the morning planning our future. That morning your parents were coming into town to set up the luncheon we were having....I was trying to get my hair all ready and it wasn't quite done by the time we needed to get to the luncheon. Many family and friends were there to celebrate with us. It's such a special day in itself not only for our eternal marraige in front of our dear family here on this earth to witness, but that some saw Grandpa Phillips and another relative there witnessing it also. It was truly a special day.
We celebrated by going to Utah and just hanging out. Thanks Mom and Mary for watching the kids... We shopped, played minature golf, drove some really fast go karts, went to park city - shopped and rode the new alpine coaster....that was great! and just relaxed and watched a few flicks.

Here are a few pictures of our last six years.

June 2002 - Vegas
Bill's Apartment 2002

On top of the World - 2002

Shoshone Falls - April 2006

Thousand Springs - May 2006

Oregon Coast - September 2007

Multnoma Falls 2007

Lily's Blessing Day Nov 2007

Pomerelle Ski 2008


After work today, Bill decided to take the kids and I to the drive in movie theatre. Get ready for this story... We grabbed blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, the kids little couches, and of course bug spray. The movie at 9:00pm was Space Chimps and the 10:15 movie was Kung Fu Panda. We arrived with about 20 min left in the first movie and got all settled and snuggled in for the second. Right at the beginning of the second movie... low and behold, Bill's truck died!! So the movie we wanted to see we couldn't even hear. What happened to the good ol' drive in movie theatres with the speakers on the post next to the cars!!!! We obviously needed a jump in order to get home...so we just sat and stared at the screen hearing a few words hear and there. Oh about 20 minutes into the movie, Madisen had already fell asleep taking up a whole sleeping bag, pillow and blanket. Bill was sitting with Riley on his little couch with another sleeping bag and TWO blankets....and shortly after Madi fell asleep, Riley went right along with her. I was sitting on Madi's couch with Lily wrapped in another blanket sound asleep next to me. I was freezing cold not enjoying the movie at all cuz I couldn't hear A THING! I asked Bill if we could leave but that was an obvious no.....BECAUSE HE WAS SLEEPING RIGHT ALONG WITH ALL THE KIDS. We might as well stayed home and slept out on the tramp $12 dollars richer. HEHE it was kinda funny after the fact....we eventually asked our movie neighbors if they could jump us....and after we got jumped a gentleman came over and asked if he could have a jump also...and that he thought there was another lady that needed a jump...We drove around and gave them jumps and realized they were all GM's!!!!What's up with that?


Bill decided that he needed to purchase something that I'm not to thrilled about.....only because I am a paranoid wife,mother,sister and whatever else I may be..... I'm sure his Grandma Phillips is pointing down her finger from Heaven saying..."those darn murdercycles". I think she came up with the perfect name for them....I made him promise me he wouldn't ride it, not even up and down the street, without a helmet. He is a hard worker, and I couldn't say no if it was something that he'd enjoy doing. We went to Twin and checked it out and of course he had to have Chad check it out as well. So we wrote out the dreaded check and made a trip out to Murtaugh so Bill and Chad could ride and check it out. Chad says we got a good deal, so there ya go! :)
Sorry we crashed your movie night Terri.


What a beautiful, historic, probably once in a lifetime experience....One Bill and I have never experienced. The Twin Falls Temple was dedicated this day. Only people with special tickets are invited to attend in the Temple itself. The tickets are for some of the members that have stake callings and some of the speakers families and such. Well we weren't planning on attending the Temple, but to just watch it broadcast in the church.....A few Sunday's before, Merri Ann(my mother-in-law) told me she had a present for me and that Bill had it....Yay...I had no idea what was about to be handed to me from Bill....it was two special blue tickets to attend the dedication at the Temple.....Anyway, what a special experience it was to be inside this now Holy Place with a Prophet of God in my presence. The speakers were wonderful and it was amazing to hear hundreds of people all unison sing the Spirit of God inside his Holy House. It reminded me of a part of my Patriarchal Blessing "I am a daughter of God that sang....." (it goes on but is very personal to publish) I can't remember what speaker it was that said, " if we promise to make a goal to come to the Temple on a regular basis, our reservoirs will be full both spiritual and temporal. What an awesome promise that is and how blessed we are to have the Temple now only 20 minutes away. Another thing that stuck out to me through the entire ceremony was that every single speaker talked about death and by being sealed as a family we will be a "forever family" and we will see our loved ones in due time...I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude and can't really grasp and explain the feelings there in that Ceremony....but it was wonderful and thank you very much Merri Ann for the tickets. (She's in the Stake Primary Presidency)

My Lily Bug got her first owie today...she was crawling in the kitchen and her hands slipped out from underneath of her and she bonked her face on the wood floor. I just heard it happened and turned around to pick her up and she had blood all over her face....she split the piece of skin inside the mouth that connects the lips to the gums right in half.....poor baby had a fat poofy lip.... :(