Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We went down to Logan for a scrapbooking over nighter and on our way home sunday, I was putting my shiny pink lip gloss on and Madi insisted that she needed some. So I reach back and hand it to her, not being able to assist putting it on her, and look back as she says all done. She has pink shiny lip gloss ALL OVER her pretty lips! Can't see it very good but very "pretty".
Last night, Bill and Riley went to help a family move in Jerome so Madi and I had dinner ourselves. We decided it was to late to make anything and ran to Papa K's and got ourselves a sub. She is out Cold and the video I want to post will verify how tired she really was! HAHA, it was very cute. (To my family: Notice how her sub is opened and the inside is picked out and eaten! hmmm???)

Riley saw a kid in Toys R Us and his hair was in a cute little mohawk, and he has asked me to "make his hair like the little boys hair in the toy store". We are still trying to figure out how to style it! Any ideas or suggestions would be great!

You know your tables clean when your kid tries to clean up his bread crumbs by licking them off!

She is so alert now and can carry on a very long conversation. That's another video I want to post!

There are a few Videos that I have to post! But still trying to figure it out, eventually sometime today I'll have them on here.

Try back a little later for the videos!