Monday, August 25, 2008


What a beautiful, historic, probably once in a lifetime experience....One Bill and I have never experienced. The Twin Falls Temple was dedicated this day. Only people with special tickets are invited to attend in the Temple itself. The tickets are for some of the members that have stake callings and some of the speakers families and such. Well we weren't planning on attending the Temple, but to just watch it broadcast in the church.....A few Sunday's before, Merri Ann(my mother-in-law) told me she had a present for me and that Bill had it....Yay...I had no idea what was about to be handed to me from was two special blue tickets to attend the dedication at the Temple.....Anyway, what a special experience it was to be inside this now Holy Place with a Prophet of God in my presence. The speakers were wonderful and it was amazing to hear hundreds of people all unison sing the Spirit of God inside his Holy House. It reminded me of a part of my Patriarchal Blessing "I am a daughter of God that sang....." (it goes on but is very personal to publish) I can't remember what speaker it was that said, " if we promise to make a goal to come to the Temple on a regular basis, our reservoirs will be full both spiritual and temporal. What an awesome promise that is and how blessed we are to have the Temple now only 20 minutes away. Another thing that stuck out to me through the entire ceremony was that every single speaker talked about death and by being sealed as a family we will be a "forever family" and we will see our loved ones in due time...I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude and can't really grasp and explain the feelings there in that Ceremony....but it was wonderful and thank you very much Merri Ann for the tickets. (She's in the Stake Primary Presidency)

My Lily Bug got her first owie today...she was crawling in the kitchen and her hands slipped out from underneath of her and she bonked her face on the wood floor. I just heard it happened and turned around to pick her up and she had blood all over her face....she split the piece of skin inside the mouth that connects the lips to the gums right in half.....poor baby had a fat poofy lip.... :(


Misty said...

That is awesome, I got chill bugs reading it! Thanks for sharing!!!

Mark and Lachelle said...

That's awesome that you got to go to the dedication in person! I've done the broadcast thing, which was still really awesome. But I bet it was amazing being there in person!

Leah said...

What an amazing experience you will always remember.