Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

Bill decided it was time to start some Daddy Daughter Dates. Friday night, he decided that he'd take Madi on a date to go get some ice cream. Madi was so excited that she was going on a date. She knew that when Mom would go on a date, mom would put pretty make up on and get all cute ( I know I should do that everyday, but sometimes I just don't have time :) ) So It was just about time for Daddy to come home and Madi went and grabbed a dress she wanted to wear on her date. I put her dress on and had to tend to Lily for a moment. Madi came out with pretty lip stick on!!! Just on her top lip, then she had me do the bottom. How nice of her! We decided to get her all dolled up for the date!! Bill loved it and thought she just looked as cute as ever! They ended up going to the farmhouse and shared an Apple pie Ala mode! How cute did they ever look!!! (getting her all dressed up made me so excited for the time when I get to get her all dressed up for little dance rehearsals and stuff!! One more year!!!YEAH )

Summer Fun, Races, & another ER visit!

Finally this crazy weather is what it is suppose to be!!! Warm Warm Warm...101 today! Very hot.
Bill is not liking how it went from 60 degrees to very windy and all of a sudden HOT! Really, who blames him? I don't want to be on a roof or framing up a house 8 hours during the day in the heat without much of a break!! Poor husband! I'm very grateful for him and the hard work he endures providing for our family!

Well, I guess this time of year, all the little towns in Magic Valley have there own little celebration that highlights what there town is known for (or something like that..I've come up with that myself....) In my last post, I talked about how we attended Wendell's Dairy Days. Well, last Saturday, we attended a portion of Filer Fun Days! We took our kids to the Demolition Derby. The whole point of going was mostly to let Riley participate in an event they had before the demolition. They had a tricycle race for the kids...Riley was in the heat for the 4-6 year olds. Whoever one would win a new bike! I'm so mad at myself for not taking my camera!! Duh!! Well we got there and signed Riley up and took his Tricycle to the arena. He was so excited to do this. Anyway after the second heat of the derby the tricycle race took place. I think there were probably 7 little kids in his heat. They didn't care how you got to the finish line as long as you were sitting on the seat of your bike. Well Riley decided instead of pedaling, he would just push like the flinstones. That was working quite well for him as he was in FIRST PLACE. He got going so fast that he ran over his foot and stumbled and fumbled and looked back cuz he new he wasn't going to win and decided to pedal to the finish line. He took third place in the race and won a free sundae at sonic! Woohoo. I really thought he would pout if he didn't win (that's kinda why I wanted to put him in teach him you can have fun even if you don't win.) He was just excited to see all the people watching and cheering and he was just soaking it all in.
(Riley and his fast hot wheel that he raced)
Bill, the nice husband and daddy that he is, was helping me get the kids to bed the other day. His job was getting Madi in her princess jammies. She was not liking the idea to much and decided to throw some tantrums (wonder where she got that from???) Daddy was holding her arms trying to get them in her pj's and low and behold....she started crying and crying....holding her wrist saying, " don't move my arm, don't move my arm". Now this happened in the evening again and led to another ER VISIT!!! GRRRR!! I thought maybe she fractured her wrist or something because she was holding her wrist and not her arm. We got there and sure enough, she wad dislocated AGAIN! But this was the opposite arm from last time. Poor Daddy was feeling aweful again. I wonder if this has to do with her hip displacia in some sort of a her joints are just extremely lose or something...Don't know, guess that's a question for her doc.