Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Lily wanted to eat ZOEY!

This past weekend, we had the privilege of having my brother Brian and his wife Mallory and last but not least...there baby zoey up to visit. They came Thursday very late and left Sunday morning. We loved having them come and the kids love it just as much as we do. Despite being woken up every morning around 7 to Madisen crying and coming in our room, I hope they had an enjoyable time. One day Mal and I went shopping (kid free! Thanks Merri Ann) and then we went down shooting at the Infamous John Shaw's shooting range! (Pictures of that coming a bit later tonite!) One favorite thing my family loves to do is eat at the Farmhouse restaurant! Now that's some home cookin for your money! So of course we ate one night there! Went down on the Snake River in the boat......that was cut short due to ummmm hitting the bottom of the river with the prop! Oops...It was very low. Brian and Bill spent a lot of time shooting there AWESOME guns! And last but not least, we gave Mal some major hair extensions!!!! I am having a poll on her behalf! Extensions or no Extensions....that is the question!

p.s. I am going to post all about my little Lily a bit later tonite...for she is now 6 MONTHS OLD!!!! ***SIGH*** How time flies!

Mallory's Hair Extensions - Visit the poll on the side of the blog!