Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for Christmas

UMMMM.....That's not somewhere we are going to make it for Christmas. Granted we are with ALL our family (minus Lindsay...(Loser), and David...also another loser!!) in Oregon!! All nineteen of us in a 1700 ft house. We all love each other, but I don't know how much longer that love is gonna linger. They have not had a storm like this since the early nineteen hundreds, late eighteen hundreds. It is the craziest thing I have ever witnessed. It is so gorgeous outside. It hasnt stopped snowing or raining freezing rain for over a week!!!! We were all traveling in this storm and made it here safely right before it got ugly but aren't going anywhere for some time. The power started flickering out yesterday, so we were getting everything prepared for that. Bless my sisters heart!!! She is a little freaked out trying to think if she has the neccessities to provide means if there is a power outage....luckily, she has been diligently "being prepared" and has followed our prophets words and has her food storage and a generator...and the stuff to live.
Granted she wasn't storing things for 19 people (her little family of 5), but she's done a pretty darn good job.
It's a little frustrating thing for me right now. My husband forgot to deposit his paycheck before he flew in, we have a dog outside that is hopefully still being taken care of, a Christmas tree that hasnt been watered since friday, we are suppose to be closing on our house in a couple weeks but have things that need taken care of before;....the list can go on and on....and on.
The storm started with snow and snow...then it started freezing rain...which is totally crazy if you haven't ever witnessed it!!! It seriously is! Then it snowed another six inches, then freezing rain again. We have a pile of Ice on my car that is about 1/2 inch thick, then 6 inches of rain, then another 1/2 inch of ice.
It's all so surreall...
I am just grateful that everyone arrived safe and we are all together.....for some time.
I am going to post a picture of this craziness when its a little less crazy.