Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

We went to Idaho Falls to the Melelueca Firework Show that is "the best firework display west of the Mississippi" (I think that's the correct quote, if not, don't correct me :) ) It was quite fun. Riley thought the show was cool, Madisen wanted to go back to dad's truck, and Lily LOVED it. It was sooooo funny to watch her. She was laying on my tummy facing the fireworks and would clench her fists and hollar after each firework, wanting more....too cute. (I have some fun pictures to post of the firework show, but they are on the internal memory of my camera and I have no idea where my cord is to connect to my computer...) Well, Saturday we just planned on heading home but decided we were close to Rexburg and decided to go visit the college Bill attended. First we drove around the Temple and it is Beautiful and White...and it looks really small. The grounds are gorgeous and I love how it's up on the mountain over looking the valley. He showed us where he used to live and where Aunt Keri lived and where he worked, and his old girlfriends house...ok I just made that up...then we stopped and ate at the infamous Big Judd's.....A funny story behind this.....Bill couldn't remember where the resaurant was and so he made me run into Walgreens and ask the cashier. So, I go up to the register and ask the lady, "We are from out of town and have heard about a fun great restaraunt called " Big Juggs" and I'm wondering if it's still around?" She said, um....haven't heard of that one, but there is one called Bigg Judd's. I was a little embarrassed....ok ALOT embarrased but oh well, we got there. They have a HUGE hamburger and if you eat it all, they take a picture of you and put it on the wall...We weren't feeling that ambitious so just ate a normal burger. On the way back into Idaho Falls we remembered a place called Bear World that we saw on our way into Rexburg... We stopped there and had an INCREDIBLE time. You have to stay in your car and drive around the park an see all sorts of wild life....then you get to the bear section and they tell you to KEEP YOUR WINDOWS UP AND DO NOT STOP. We saw grizzly bears, black bears and brown bears.....of course we had to stop to get a good look....so did the people in front of us! *****WARNING***** You can tell I thought this video was great.....

Some weird albino elk sort of a thing???
Riley loved the huge elk.
Grizzly Bear - He looked mean! (Go Grizzly's)