Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, we took Madisen to the doctor yesterday because we think she has sleep apnea (no fun). The first step they take in correcting this in children is removing the tonsils and adnoids because they can be very large and obstruct the airway. Well Madi and Riley had both their tonsils and adnoids removed due to snoring in June of last year...YUCK! Two at the same time, but I figured let's just get it over with. Well it is possible for adnoids to grow back. The doctor checked her out and asked me a whole bunch of different of which was "Is daddy over weight" I literaly laughed because all of us that know Bill know that he is definately not overwieght...if anything underweight (Sorry hon, love ya, muah!) Okay, not underweight, just skinny ??Is that any better??? Anyway, he started examining and looked up her nose and then down her throat. He didn't see anything other then a "cobblestone" throat. Which could indicate a post nasal drip, which means inflamed mucus membranes. Anyhow, he is not sure if that is what is causing the snoring and the gasping for air but he wants to start lower on the recter scale then jumping and sending her to an ear nose and throat doctor for a sleep study if it could be her mucus membranes. She is on a steriod nasal spray, (which we don't like) for 4-6 wks, and if that doesn't change anything, off for a sleep study. Well today, Madi woke up and came and told me she was hot. Took her temp and she is at 100. and has a sore throat. Now I'm thinking that the "cobblestone" throat the doctor saw is the result of her getting sick. We had a doctor that would jump on treating the worst case possible and switched, and now our new doctor starts with the least severe thing....WHICH IS BETTER? Bill has also been sick, so I hope Riley and I can keep our distance along with lily bug.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Elders Quorum Ski Trip

Okay, so all of you that don't know Bill has been the Elders quorum president for 1 1/2 years. Well, growing up, I always attended our ward ski trip for many years and Bill said they never did that in Wendell. (Despite having Sun Valley and Pomerelle ski mountains close by.) Anyway I talked him into scheduling one this year. It was scheduled for February 15 at Pomerelle. At the same time, the Wendell Girls High School team was playing their tourney's and ended up placing first and was headed to state in Boise. Well state playoffs were the weekend scheduled for the ski trip. To make a long story just a little bit shorter.....we moved the ski trip to the following weekend February 23. Everyone was ecstatic when they heard about the trip and some were disappointed that it wasn't a ward party. Well of course Bill made me in charge of food and drinks and we made our way to Declo and up to Pomerelle. The party was awesome....the snowboarding not so much. It has been very warm and without snow and so the mountain was just rock hard. You'd wreck..(yes, I will admit that I did wreck) and bust a bone because it was that hard....anyway, I'll post a picture a little later of all that attended. You will be amazed.

That's right!!! The Party consisted of Bill and I...(and my bro-inlaw Sherm)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Looking Forward



Bill's friend owns the subdivision and he is saving it for us. You can't tell, but it slopes down a bit so we will be able to have a walk out basement..HOORAY! The lot starts from the road and goes back to the fence. We are putting our house FOR SALE the first of March...another HOORAY! I just cant wait to have more room and have a "playroom" for the kids, so their toys aren't scattered from #@$$% to breakfast. I'm very grateful that this is my husbands hobby/career and that's why it's possible. (not to mention, land in Idaho is umm cheap) I don't necessarily like packing and moving every two years but oh well, it's worth it AFTERWARDS and not one second before. It's a little under 1 acre and I cannot wait for my kids to be able to go outside and not have to worry about speeding cars going by. (I'm always out with them, but sometimes my head turns and I'm not watching them every second...although with a 2 yr old ya kinda have to :) ) We'll be starting paper work the minute our house sells. I'm so ready to get out of the neighborhood we are in.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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So, I'm not sure how old Madisen is in the Bottom Picture, but Lily (top picture) is 3 1/2 months with so much less hair then Madisen had. :( The hair was so fun to do.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Bill and I met in Logan at skyline (yes, lame I know) 6 months after served an LDS mission to Argentina. It was in January we met and were inseperable afterwards. In may 2002 he took me to Idaho down on the Snake River and asked me to marry him. We were married August 17, 2002. We were SURPRISED to find out in January 03 that we would be expecting our first boy October 27 2003. He was born October 17. He was born with positional clubfoot and I was a mess. It wasnt caught in the several ultrasounds I had, but the doctor pulled his foot straight and just said they do series of casting until they are straight. (For you that don't know, Bill and I are sports it was very hard to learn of Riley's situation. One of the doctors said the most he will do is play out on the school yard basketball court with his friends.....boy was I mad at that doctor and he never saw us again after that.)So off to Primary's we went and had the serial casting. Unsatisfied with the result on the right foot, I took him back down and the doctor agreed that it needed more work. So the doctor decided to do an achellis tenotomy. (They basically took meat tendorizer to it, ok not really but it had the same effect.) Well a year or so went on after he healed from his surgery at PCMC and we had moved to Idaho. I took him to the best pediatric orthopedic in Idaho (????is there such thing???j/k) and he said that Riley's heels were still pulled up from where they needed to be. So we went to St. Lukes in Boise and had a major surgery for a 2 1/2 year old...They actually cut his tendons and lenghtened them. It was so hard for me to see my active little 2 yr old tied up and in HUGE casts that went all the way up his leg up to his c-rotch. In the scatter of all that, we had a baby girl in December of 05. All looked good until the doctor had decided to tell me when I was all alone that little Madi needs to be looked at very closely, she does have a risk of dying (For you ladies, I was tested + for strep...I am allergic to the penicillen family so they had to give me a different antibiotic that isnt as effective as the other.) and i just broke out into tears, and he had the nerve to deliver other bad news to me when I was alone....grrrr....he told me that she also has very bad hip dyslpasia. What the heck was that?????He said her hips were under developed and they were constantly out of socket. He told me that Madisen would be in a hip brace for up to a year and possibly surgeries in the future. (This happened before Riley's major surgery.) Before I had Madisen, I was looking for a doctor to take care of Riley's feet and found "the best one around" in Boise, but he only took patience that were a referrel from docter for a newborn or siblings of a newborn. I was blinded with anger for a long time....why my children, they are innocent, why me...I did everything i was suppose to during my pregnancy. The doctor suggested that we take Madisen to Boise to see this doctor right away. We had a family fast before we took her down, and my testimony of fasting had never been stronger until that moment. I knew everything was going to be ok with Madisen. I felt that Madisen had this "hip dysplasia" so Riley could get the help that his little foot needed... Madisen had the brace on for only 3 MONTHS when the doctor told me up to a year. We really believe that little Madi agreed to come to earth with this short trial so that her big brother could get the help he needed. You can call it coincidence....we call it a miracle. Two more years go by and we just had another little girl in November...let's just say she came early and fast, and yes everything is perfect with her nothing wrong other then the fact that she had to be admitted to the NICU because she dropped down to 5 lbs and wasnt eating........knock knock knock(that's me knocking on wood) as you can see know, we dont have an issue with that :) That brings us up to date...Riley's feet couldnt be any better, Madi is all over the place and wild as can be, and Lily is the best little baby in the world....That is our Novel.

Figuring It Out

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