Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is how we spent our Sunday Night! I love days like these!!
Madisen has just gotten into dancing. I bought a kids bop CD and she turns it on through out the day and starts dancing her life away. Well she wanted to show Dad cause he always misses out do to the necessary calling of the term BREADWINNER. She just learned today how to "shake it".
We have been trying for a long time to get Riley into the preschool program at the elementary. They screen the kids and look for any area that they are "delayed" in. Some acquaintances were saying that he'd probably get in because most everyone gets in. Well I'm not sure if I'm excited, or disappointed, that my kids smart!!??!! Okay, I'm relieved....He passes the screening. So it's a good thing in the sense that he is up to par in his abilities. But I really wanted him in a preschool learning because he misses the Kindergarten deadline by one month. So he will be 5 a whole year before he starts Kindergarten. The preschool teacher told me that they take peer students but she if full right now and that she'd put me on a waiting list. I think she could tell I was a little disappointed and called me the next day saying she had an opening in the afternoon class.....Yay!!!! However to be a peer, you have to pay....which I think is retarded because the other students don't have to. Oh well, he's in, Right?
So it was a bitter sweat moment today as I walked him into his class.
Riley's first day of Preschool.Madisen had to get ready too...she wanted to go and didn't want Riley to go alone. Cuteness!

Lily was looking for lunch and decided she didn't want anything in the fridge after all. It was quite entertaining to watch, she started screaming because she couldn't figure out what to do next.
Helping Daddy read house plans and LOVING it.