Thursday, December 30, 2010

Help for the Fergusons.....: Item #38 Full Cut and Color at the Rage!

Help for the Fergusons.....: Item #38 Full Cut and Color at the Rage!: "Jenni King is donating a Full cut and color at The Rage in Logan, UT. Jenni has been doing hair for over 10 years and she specializes in cu..."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elder Andreasen returns from Australia

My brother Blake returned from his mission in December 2009. We were all able to make it to the airport! We were all so excited to see him. There were so many families there holding signs waiting to see their missionaries returning. It was wonderful to see Blake again. Look at him! Isn't he so cute! I just wanna pinch his cheeks. He came back not as shy, a little heavier, and still as funny as heck!

A week or so later, we got together on my dad's side of the family and played us some bowling at Logan Lanes.

I like this picture. :) My Dad is a total lefty, and he tried doing it right hande. Guess which picture is his true bowing form!
Form #1
Form #2
Blake must've bowled a strike!
Mallory telling me to put the camera down
Mary and Mik
My handsome dad and me
Blake, Dad and Katie
Madisen and Lily
Watch out for this Bowler, Bill will waste you!
Lily and Mom

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MOM, Her hair was in her eyes.....

Many parents have faced the nightmare of discovering that their child took the scissors and cut their own hair. Although this is never a pleasant situation to come across, as small children rarely make good hairdressers, it does not have to be a big deal. BUT....when it happens to two GIRLS at the SAME TIME. It was a big deal!!
It is usually easier to deal with when kids cut their own hair when it is a little boy. If the damage they have done can not be repaired through a haircut or trim, you can always opt to shave your little boy’s hair and start fresh. Of course, you can do this with your daughter as well, although many people INCLUDING ME would rather not choose that option for girls.



Madisen told me exactly what happened. "Riley had scissors, and my hair was in my eyes, so he cut me bangs." Okay, so I can deal with that, hers actually isn't bad, way to go bud. I do need to even them up, but still, not too shabby. (of course I didn't tell HIM that.)
Now on to the big mess....

Lily received an awful cut I must say. Seriously these pictures don't even show an OUNCE of how bad it really is. I'm just glad Lily had the "bad" cut, because we can hide it with her super curly hair. If it had been Madisen on the other, that would've been bad.
How could I have let this happen?? Oh ya, it wasn't me!!! I was at work and they were being watch by their one and only, Bill.
Get this...he didn't even TELL me!!!!! I was locking up the house before heading upstairs to I was straightening the pillows on the couch, I saw this.....

This isn't even all of it...the following day, I found clumps of Lily's hair back behind the ottoman.
I started screaming once I realized what it was, walked up stairs telling Madisen and Lily to COME HERE, RIGHT NOW! Sure enough, Riley was in his room hiding!!
Then Bill pipes out, "um, Oh ya, earlier today...(I didn't hear much of what he was saying) blah, blah, snip, snip..then I took away the scissors."
I found this on a website...and it made me laugh.
Bear in mind as well, that children learn everything by mimicking what they see. If you child has been to a hair salon before for themselves or have watched you receive a haircut, it may be something that they wish to try.
Looks like I'll be in trouble...A hairdresser is kinda my profession.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Alive and Well...Busy.

I can't believe I let my blog sit for such a long time. Once October hits, our family is sooo busy, I have to dedicate my time where it is most important. However, I think I need to fit this in better because this is what I use as my journal.
We had Riley's Birthday, Halloween, Lily's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Madisen's Birthday, Blake returned from his mission, Christmas, New Years...and all the fun family get together over the holidays. Throw in me working, Riley going to School, Bill taking Calc II, Physics II, Drafting and Natural Resource classes, oh ya, being a mom, cleaning, cooking and all that fun stuff, sure makes for a super busy family. Ugg, I don't like how busy I am, it's like life is going in fast forward, and I'm stuck somewhere in all the hustle bustle. And what in the world were Bill and I thinking having ALL 3 kids at the end of the calender year. OCt, Nov, Dec. Advice from me...Don't do it!! For sure, If we have 1 more, it will definitely be a May-ish baby.
Ok, so I was going to post pics, and i know posts are boring with out pictures, but I'm on the laptop lying in bed, and my card is in the other computer...
So here are some random ones stored on this computer.
Good nite and enjoy.
Living Planet Aquarium

Halloween 2009 Riley was Bumblee Bee, Nascar Driver & Skeleton .. Boo Yah. Madi was also a bumblee bee but a much girlier (is that even a word? ha!) one. And Lily was a Spider Princess ( Whatever the heck that is....that's just what the tag said.) but she did look cute.