Friday, May 15, 2009

Who couldn't use this??!!

Every Friday through September Mars is giving away coupons for a FREE chocolate bar!! Quantities are limited, 250,000 coupons per Friday, so make sure you fill out this form THIS MORNING....only if you like chocolate I suppose.
Thanks KCL!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You did WHAT?? *** CORRECTED***

*OOPS, I posted her website bad. Check it out HERE.*

So, not Madi's update...but something you all might be interested in....
So, I have been reading a Lady's Blog out of Boise. She is called the Krazy Coupon Lady, check out her blog here. I have decided to get in all the craziness of couponing. Wow! I LOVE it!! I made up my own little organized binder like she has made up and it works fabulous. Albertson's was doing coupon doubler's this week.
So with the coupon doubler's, Albertsons sales, and the Manufacturer's coupons, Here is my sweet steal for $14.13

3 Boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats
3 Bagelfuls
1 Grey Poupon
1 Ritz Cracker Box
2 Ranch Dressings
3 Mayo's
1 Miracle Whip
2 A1 Steak Sauces
2 Barbecue Sauces

Total: 68.64
Total After Savings: $14.13
Total Savings: $54.51

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lily Update

Silly Lily is her name. We love her SOOO much. Of course we love our other offspring, but she seriously gives us 0(zero) problems. Really though, what would parenthood be without problematic children? Children would be perfect (which none of us are) and they would have nothing to learn, which would give us parents no purpose. I'm rambling so sorry. Back to Lily, the Clean-eating,naughty-talking,weird-looking,handful-of-all-handfuls baby. Completely false. She is a very messy eater, see.....

After every meal, I have to strip her down to her skivvies and bathe her afterwards, or leave her in her clothes and just change her outfit when she is done, however, no matter what option I choose to deal with, it almost always ends up with her having a pool party bath. I never did post about her birthday. (That will be another post that I will end up putting back into Nov 2008)
Naughty-talking is also a lie on my part. She has got to be the sweetest little talker. She is starting to add two words together now. It's always when she see's Bill or I and it goes something like this. We hear her sweet talking in the morning (I'm gonna have to get that on camera one of these times.) so we get up to go get her out of her prison *aka* her crib, and the first thing she says is "hi momma....or very rarely (because I'm always the one that gets up with her at 6:30am) "Hi daddy". Or when either one of gets home from errands she greets us with the same warm makes you just want to go eat her....BTW she is very delicous. I will admit, I have taken a couple nibbles from her. She LOVES to sing. She'll hear me singing around the house, and follow me around singing. It's Bill's favorite thing to see and hear. One song she sings goes like this.....I sing: (yes it's from Barney) if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain that would be, standing outside with my mouth open wide...(this is Lily's part) ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. (HA, how many of you just sang that song out loud or in your head....and actually did the ah part....hehe.) It's so cute to hear her do that part.
Weird looking - Okay, that may have been true when she was fresh out of the womb. Bill and I both think Madi and Riley kicked her trash on looks. You all know some babies aren't the cutest looking ya know with all the swelling and the conehead going on.....(maybe I'm cruel) She was kinda one of those babies....not now! She actually caught up on the looks when she was a couple days old. :)..her personality makes her that much more good looking. We think she's a Doll..Look at her!
We have also taught her sign language, just because.....she signs and speaks at the same time: milk, drink, mom, dad, cheese, thank you, more, and we are working on water...that one is kinda hard with her having to hold three fingers to her chin. Thanks to Ashley and her sweet Angel Mercy, they inspired and motivated us to do this. Some parents are against signing when a child has the ability to talk because they say it holds them back on their speech. I beg to differ though. We haven't had a problem with it holding Lily back, it has actually helped.
This is her favorite place to hang out...
(no, that is not pee coming through on her pajama' is her milk from her cereal.)
Bill says she is happy when she wakes up till the moment she falls asleep.
Handful! HA!

Bout time fer sum updates

Okay, since people love like me and want to know what is going on in the King household, I thought I'd ramble on about what has been happening in this long short while of absent posts.

So here is my idea. Starting today, I will update ya'll on one of our family members. I have to be done updating by Friday, so you may get two posts in one day. Yippee!!

So who to start with.....none other then the Clean-eating,naughty-talking,weird-looking,handful-of-all-handfulls baby! Actually, none of that is true at ALL!!! I'll explain in the update about her....COMING SOON...tonight!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Come what may......