Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are summoned....

To help me if you read this post!!!

Okay, this isn't the update I promised you I'd give....but it's a post right?!
So there is a little addition to our family for a majority of the day....everyday.
Her name is Peyton...and I babysit her fulltime..so I thought. We had come up with $15 a day m-f. Well, fulltime to me was 8-5..ya know, like a regular work day. Well, it's NOT an 8hr day...which I wasn't at all expecting...which is fine...but not for 15 a day. She gets dropped off at my house at 6:45am, and gets picked up at 6:00pm. 11HRS!!!!! I'm expected to supply the food, drinks and she supplies diapers and wipes. With 11hrs, I am watching her longer..during dinner time now. I'm not experienced enough in knowing how much to charge....she said she is very flexible..I just need to let her know. Well what do I do...how much do I charge....Please help me!!!!
Peyton is 2 yrs old and has quite the sassy personality....I guess you could say she is like Madi...hmmm...so a hand full! :)

p.s. Bill is going dirt biking down in Mesquite, NV this Wed-Sun....so I will have plenty of evening time that I plan on updating the Blog per requests...Life has been busy.