Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Intermountain Healing Hearts Fun/Run Walk

Mercydez Haws

This past weekend, Lily and I headed on down to Sandy to stay with my mother and to attend a Heart walk in behalf of a sweet little baby and her family that has had an impact on my life. She is the cutest little 8 month old on the planet and her special spirit you can feel eminating from her! Her name is Mercydez and her parents are Nic & Ashley. They belong to a support group for families that have children or adults dealing with congenital heart defects. Anyway, Natalie decided to come with me and on Saturday we got up got ready and headed to Orem to participate. Natalie wanted to show her support for Mercydez (she has become drawn to her also) and also to share her little journey dealing with VSD. We got there at 8:30 to register. We got our T-shirts and Natalie even got a special little heart sticker that made her feel REALLY special :) Anyhow, the run started and off we went! I have to say, I was a little disappointed with my finishing time. It took me TWICE as long to finish a mile as it did when I was a senior in high school! Granted that was...oh 8 years ago - But still! 12:01!!! What the World!! I have a few excuses though...
1)Natalie tired out (which is to be expected..she is out of shape. HAHA just kidding, it's because of her heart.) And I would stop with her.
2) I was pushing a HEAVY load. ;) Lily and the jogger. (Ok, lily is only 14 lbs, and the jogger is extremely light.)
3) The last excuse is ALL THE PEOPLE. (I couldn't get around them.) It was so amazing to see these families with special heart kiddos join together for support. I'm sure it's nice to have someone to talk to that REALLY understands what you are actually going through.
I really didn't lose the run, I just ran out of time.
Anyway after the race, I saw the sweet baby I was there for. I was so nervous to approach them it was killing me! I didn't really know what to say but to introduce myself. Did I mention how CUTE the both of them are! Ashley gave me a hug right off and introduced me to Mercy. JUST ADORABLE! You can seriously feel this childs sweet spirit and it draws you in and in....and you just feel all warm and tingly (cheesy I know) her spirit is just so clean and pure and she just makes you want to be like that....Heavens I don't know how to explain it...I probably sound all crazy, but I guess you'll know how I feel once you experience it. Nic and Ashley are amazing parents and have such an incredible amount of Faith and Trust in God in directing them in making the best decisions for there sweet little girl. They are truly AMAZING. After everyone finished the run, they did a special little ceremony for the sweet heart angel babies and can I just say how sad...I have no idea who these mothers that have lost there little babies are, but it just brought tears to my eyes...I can't even imagine the pain of losing a precious little baby...nor would I ever want to try to imagine...it was a very special ceremony they held and a tear jerker at that. I so glad that I got to go....thanks hon for hanging with the other kiddos so I could. xoxo
Here are a few pictures from our fun run/walk.
After the Run all nasty and sweaty - Lily was getting hungry I think.
Natalie and her special sticker.
Lily REALLY wanted my sunglasses
Me, Ashley, Mercy and Nic.
Lily and Nat after the run.

Okay, speaking of HEARTS... LAter that night, my mother was getting a play pen set up for Lily to sleep in because I was not having it again tonight. (Lily in my bed) She opened up the closet in the room I was staying in and got some blankets out for Lily and made her up a cute little bed. After she did that, she went to her room to get pj's and I was going down stairs to make Lily a bottle. I had turned to go back to the room I was sleeping in cuz I forgot the bottle. I flipped on the light and Mysti (the cat that has been missing for 10 days) came running out of the room!! I screamed and yelled for my mom and she yelled back and I said it's mysti!! She thought I was kidding because this cat has seriously been MIA for 10 days. They thought that the cleaning ladies left a door open while they were there cleaning and mysti got out....or...she is a really old cat and they heard that when they are ready to die, they go hide and find there "resting place". So they had searched the house in and out for a dead cat!!! (yuck I know) No Mysti anywhere so they had figured the first conclusin had happended. So heck yes it scared me, I bout had a heart attack!! Not to mention right before we had gone up stairs to make the bed...I was reading my cousin LACHELLE's BLOG and she had posted a freaky thing (http://marklachelle.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-see-dead-peopleok-not-really-but-sort.html)so I guess you could say it caught me off guard and my heart was literaly pounding out of my chest...(ya know how sometimes after you get startled your heart hurts?) Well that's how mine felt.

Here, Lily is laughing at a baby laughing on the internet

She loves bath time...especially from Grandma.