Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wow, Four months later.
Well most of our family know that we have had a few life changing occurrences taking place for our family. As I mentioned before, a long time ago it seems, that we sold our house and were planning on our next home being built in Hagerman. WWEELLL, Bill felt very strongly that he needed to go back to school and finish his civil engineering degree. So we attended the temple, valiantly prayed, had many a long nights talking and pro'd and con'd the whole idea. Of course, the pros outweighed the con's and here we are...sitting in our bed, in our "new" condo,(well it's not actually ours, we are renting) in ..........

(not in the temple, but in Logan)

This is where we live.......

This is where Bill spends the majority of everyday! (but boy are we grateful and definitely thrilled when it's over)................

This is where I spend a few nights a week for a few hours a night.
Come see me on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!!

is who watches these kiddos
while Bill is in School....


Is who watches these girls

While I'm at work and Riley is at school.

This young Lady.......has been watching the girls on Mondays until Bill and Riley get out of school.(LIFESAVER!!)

and This Young Couple.......Takes them Tuesday's for a couple hours while Bill goes up to his Lab, and I pick em up when I get out of the Salon.

It really sounds like they go all over the place everyday...but it's not as bad as it sounds. Monday the girls have gone to Paige for 4ish hours, and Tuesday, My Dad picks them at home from Bill and takes ALL 3 to his house for 2ish hours. I love that I have family here to help us out(they are awesome...thanks dad, Mary & girls) and also sooo thankful that my friend has been helping us out! (Thanks Paige, Brinkley & Kenzie!) It would be really hard to take my kids to daycare to people I don't know.... No offense to you daycare providers, I think it's great!....but you also have FREAKS out there too.

It is one of my personal goals to keep this family blog updated as much as possible...I CAN DO IT!

Love the Kings!