Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I have been awful at posting ANYTHING lately.....I will sit at my computer with my memory card in the computer ready and amped to upload pics and update on life. When I log on to my blog, I just look at how blah and have attempted many times to change my backgrounds. How in the world do you get the cute heading up top with the cute font??!!! So much has happened that I just toughed it up and here I am....where to start????

So my husband is feeling old lately. He had his 10 year class reunion the first of June. We had dinner on Friday night (very interesting group there....no kids and let's just say, some pretty soda ;) It was a good time and Bill enjoyed seeing people he hadn't seen for quite some time. Then on Saturday, it was a family event (that meant no fun drinks...however I'm not sure if all abided by the rule) Bill took all three kids and stayed for awhile chatting with Chad and later invited Chad and his family over for a pizza party. Where was I you are asking???? MIA!

That's right!!! I attended a much needed girls weekend in VEGAS!!!! I flew from Boise to Vegas all by myself! (Those of you that know how bad I hate planes and flying know that I must have been a "big girl" to do it all by myself.) I had a ton of fun. Our trip consisted of the funnest bus ride I've ever had in my life, Irish Kings sweeping us off our feet, yummy food, laughs that brought tears, tattoos and last but not least, a swimsuit photo shoot! (However, pics of the photo shoot will not be posted due to fear of prosecution.) We had a great ole time there in Vegas and I'm so glad that we could all be there...(well minus two naughty girls).

HOWEVER!!!!! There was something that happened there that still to this moment TICKS me right off! Okay, you tell me how ticked you'd be.....My mother, Andrea, Mallory, Lindsay and Natalie got to Vegas the night before me and had a gay time catching up with each other and such and such, (I stayed for Bill's Class dinner) Anyhow, I didn't want to miss out on all the fun so I took a red eye flight to Vegas so the girls had to pick me up at the airport around 7:30 ish. My mom, Andrea, and Natalie came to pick me up.... So we get back to the Condo and hang around a bit and decide to go get breakfast at IHOP. I actually recall commenting on Andrea's cute shirt as she was getting ready. Well sitting down in our booth, there was a bunch of giggling and of course I just giggled along with them, until Andrea says, "By the way, I haven't just gained a whole bunch of weight." WHAT!!!! "IHOP" ed (sorry I had to.) out of my seat and said...well, yelled "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!" That little fart! I was the last one to know and still bothered by the fact!!! But after a few years of asking when they were gonna have another kid, we all finally gave up, so what a HUGE surprise!!! A BABY GIRL!!!! I am so excited because it's actually MY FIRST NIECE!!!!!! We are still waiting for a girl on Billy's side but that has yet to happen. So Vegas was a great fun time for all.

Father's Day came really fast for us.....It was nice and peaceful. Riley was so excited to go up in Sacrament Meeting and sing to his Daddy....Madisen even followed even though she's not in Primary yet....She got a little frightened and started crying running down the stairs into her daddy's arms...It was so cute.
For Father's Day, we took Bill's 67 Mustang in to get it running...and he is patiently waiting it to be sitting at our house instead of the shop.

This next update is ESPECIALLY for RICH!!!!
In Wendell we have a celebration that is all about the stinky wind we have here caused by all the Dairy's....Hence the celebration name : Dairy Days.
There is a parade on Saturday morning and at the park there is a carnival that goes on for 2 days. Well, feeling very festive this year....they decided to do something a little different, Something that's never been done here in good old Wendell.
COW PATTY BINGO!!! They make a big bingo card on the ground out of paint or chalk and set up a Carrall around it... You pay 10 dollars for you to claim a number on the Bingo card.... After all the numbers are claimed....they send a cow into the carrall and ...you ready for this.......
The first number that the cow takes a crap on....wins $500 DOLLARS!!!! You'd be surprised at how many people sit there and watch this cow yelling and coaching it to poo on there space!!!! HAHA it was the funniest thing!!! Bet you really wished you were here for that one Rich huh!

As far as the kids go.....Riley has made a couple new friends that he just loves to play with. He starts swimming lessons on the 30th for 2 weeks. And this weekend, there is a demolition derby we are going to and before the event....they are having a tricycle race for little kids...whoever wins receives a new bike...We thought Riley would love to be in a race....we'll just see how he reacts if he doesn't win...
Madi is accident prone....I've always said that we are going to be dealing with stitches or a broken bone with her before Riley.. Well on Saturday the 21st Bill had her on his shoulder taking her to the bathroom to brush her teeth. He lifted her up and was lowering her down by her arms behind is back, and when she reached the floor, she started screaming and saying don't bend my arm! Don't bend my arm!! He had to hold it across her chest or she'd start crying again....Bill held her in the chair until she eventually closed her eyes, but anytime we'd move, she'd start crying again.....so being the paranoid mother that I am....decided to take her in...of course it always happens after hours, so it was an ER visit...and the fastest ER visit I've ever had!!! Maybe 15 min..... Anyway, her elbow was dislocated but with a little bend and tweak, it was all better...They call it Nurse Maids Elbow????
Lily has taken on a couple new things....She sits up all by herself....AND she army crawls!! But with only one leg! It's the funniest thing I've ever seen...it's hard to explain so I'll just get a video of it and post it....
Bill is staying busy with work which is always a blessing.... and I'm just trying to keep things in order in our home waiting for a bite! Our home is officially on the market, so we hope it'll go sooner than later....We'll see.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Swimming, Camping & Smiles

Last weekend, it was the Father Son Outing down at Sligers Campground. Bill took Riley down and they had a grand ol' time. They took some rice crispy treats down and stayed up really late. When they got home, they both were exhausted and I didn't really find out why they were so tired. Bill disappeared with Riley as I continued my cleaning spree and as I walked into his room to put his clothes away...this is what I walked in on......
After their "nap" I was informed that Bill and Sherm took Riley out for a late night hunt. They went spotlighting and actually shot a badger. Riley was quite descriptive of what the badger looked like....sharp teeth, small back legs and big front legs and hairy and bloody... OOOHHH I don't like badgers...they are ugly and they scare me....not my idea of fun. :)
The following Monday, Madi and I were in side playing when daddy got home. He hadn't come in the house yet so I ran outside to see what he was doing. I was only outside for a few minutes and walked in on this.....
NO! She's not hiding from me....she had fallen asleep while "digging" for a Mike n Ike! She's my little munchkin....some days she's 6 and other days she is 4.....(It's more like 2.5 going on 16.)AAHHHH She is getting big SOO Fast!

I know there are A LOT of pictures of Lily this time.....but a baby's grin is just priceless......

Okay....to answer your questions......
No, this is not lipstick!!! But it IS my raspberry cream filled doughnut!!!She loved it!

Here is our Slide show of our family night at Sligers Swimming Pool. (It is an indoor pool that is actually a natural hot spring that they have to run cool water in because it is so HOT!
(you have to click on each picture to view them...enjoy)
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