Monday, September 15, 2008

My poor baby

!!Warning!! If you can't handle blood, do not look at the bottom of this post.

My goodness! My poor baby has taken on a couple major "ouchies" the past couple days. Social Services just may come in and check things out in the King household seeing how Madi shows up in the ER TWICE in a week and a half, then with Lily bug all dinged up.....okay she doesn't look that bad, just a couple marks.

Yesterday was our Stake Conference and we were just a little late due to waking up at 9am and conference was at 10. Yikes I know, don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to get all 3 kids, a diaper bag full of "stuff" and myself ready. Luckily, we had all showered and bathed that night. I can't take all the credit I guess, cuz I did have a smidget amount of help from the dear husband that likes to sleep in? ;) So, we arrived at our church building and found a seat in the very back of the cultural center??? (is that what you call the gym?) Lily was a little tired so I stood up behind our seats to walk with her....

******side note****** usually when walking into another room that has it's door closed, I would think that a normal person would open the door slowly for 2 reasons.

1 being that you have no idea what's on the other side of the door, or if anything is in front of the door

and 2 being, HELLO!!! you don't want to make a big scene and have everyone turn their heads in your direction!!! Unless of course you have on a super cute outfit and a new hairdo and you want people to notice you.
********end note********

Like I was saying, I stood up to rock her back behind our seats and I'm cradling her in my arms and she is slowly drifting off to sleep and all of a sudden....CRACK!!! that's exactly what it sounded like... Some man came in and I swear he shoved that door open as fast and as hard as he could, and it cracked my sleeping baby right in the head! EVERYONE heard and turned their heads and you could just hear all the gasps they all threw out after realizing what happened. I felt really bad because I was walking past the door, but this man could've opened the door like a normal person would!!! No blood or anything....just a screaming baby and a very sore head...poor baby.

The second "ouchie" happened this morning. Lily is really excited about being able to stand up to things and cruise around. She was standing up holding on the coffee table and Riley had slid off my center piece that she was holding on to and her hands went down with the center piece, leaving her head trailing behind and she wacked the corner of her eye on the edge of the table.....

The picture up above doesn't do it any justice (however it doesn't look as bad as it did) but it was bleeding like crazy and I made Bill come home to see if she needed stitches. Luckily it was tiny little bugger that just bled A LOT. A little ice cube for her to suck on and one for her eye did the trick. I just hope she doesn't get a bruised eye.

Like I said, Poor Baby!

My poor husband has a new owie too! He was laying a floor the other night and a board caught his toes, and this is the outcome.....

You tell me what's wrong with this picture!