Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crane Family Fundraiser

On Monday, July 18th, our family tragically lost an Uncle,Brother,Son,Cousin,friend, but most of all a Dad/Husband. Kacey passed away due to injuries sustained in a small plane crash in Grace, Id. He leaves behind his wife and 2 little boys. At this time we are trying to raise money to minimalize the stress of daily life so they may concentrate on healing. There are SO many great people out there and it truly takes a whole bunch of people doing something small to make a HUGE difference.
My heart has been so heavy this past week. I love my Aunt Cari and her boys and want to help them so badly.
So, go visit the website daily and look for items you won't be able to live without! :) I have many more that I am working on posting.
Most importantly, please keep Cari and her two boys in your prayers. They are most definately felt.