Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleep Apnea

(The dates on these photo's are not correct...dumb camera.)

Miss Madi and my Mate are on their way for a Dr's Appointment with the ENT Dr. That's right, both of them are being tested for Sleep Apnea. I'm left at home because I have an extra munchkin running around our house that I have to watch. (Madi playing with Riley today before her appointment.)

I'm feeling a little sorry for Bill though, because Madi is an absolute beast when it comes to Doctors. She will kick and scream the whole time!! Like it's some sort of torture. :)
She is horrified of stethoscopes. Hates em. Madi had her tonsils and adenoids removed when she was 1.5 yrs old. It hasn't really done much for her so this was the next step according to her pedi and ENT dr. She has EVERY symptom of sleep apnea in children under 5. This will be interesting if they don't diagnose her with it. Granted, that would be totally awesome!! I'm not ready to have to deal with any sort of machine. I don't even know how we'd get her to use it!
Now on to Bill. When we were first married, we of course would snuggle up and be deep in slumber when I'd wake up suddenly.....! Due to what? you ask.
I would be sleeping with my hand on his chest and I would wake because I wouldn't feel my hand move up and down...(it was very soothing, it's what put me to sleep.) I'd sit up and sit and watch, and when more time went by and me not feeling comfortable with my husbands chest not rising and falling, I'd kick or push him, and he'd suddenly gasp for air, and then of course start snoring until it would happen again.
He NEVER believed me and would never go to the doctor. FINALLY, 6.5 years later, I have him talked into being tested.
I'm nervous for them both, we'll see how it all goes down. humf.

(I posted this pic just because I can't get enough of her and her cute diapered hiney!)