Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lily's 6 months

May 6th
I meant to do this along time ago!!!!!
You weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. Lily in the short time you've been in our family, you've taught and brought us so much! You've taught us to love more. When you were born, it was a scary thing for mommy and daddy. We weren't sure what was happening at the hospital, they didn't think you were coming yet but I knew for sure you were going to come to us a lot sooner then they thought. What a blessing it was that you were born early, as the doctors said that you must have been a little ballerina because your umbilical cord was twisted up so much that you were barely getting the blood and nutrition that you needed to thrive! That's why you needed the little TLC at the NICU a few days later, because you were just not nourished enough a little before you were born. You dropped down from 6 lbs 7 oz to 5 lbs 11oz. We are so grateful that you were brought into our family 3 weeks early for the doctors didn't know what the outcome would've been if you would've waited the full term. We know why you came...and we know Heavenly Father told you it was time, because he knew you were tired and hungry..and couldn't wait any longer. :) We hugged and held you so much...it was so sad for me to see you in the NICU hooked up to so many things and under a heater with an i.v. in your little wrist with a tube going down your nose. Mommy was so scared and nervous about you being there, that I FORGOT!!! to take any pictures of you there. Your second arrival at our house, was much better. You taught us patience. You taught us humility and you have just the sweetest little spirit.
1 month old - You have started smiling and just gazing into our eyes...and what a good little girl you've been to sleeping through the night. You are very content and never ever cry, not even when you are hungry. You found your thumb!
2 months old - You are more alert and love to be held by Riley and Madi. Still being a good girl and sleeping all night... Daddy loves to snuggle up to you when he gets home from work. You LOVE to suck on your little thumb!
3 months old - you are grabbing onto things and study them very carefully. You LOVE your baths. You are starting to get a little more hungry and just aren't quite satisfied with nursing. Love your thumb more than ever!
4 months old - WooHoo You are rolling over both ways!!! You have also found your toes! You have the sweetest voice and are gooing all the time. Still LOVING the thumb!
5 months old - Yes I have to tell you this!!! Mommy got up in the middle of the night to feed you and set you on the bed while I reached over to move your big sister...and kerblop!!! You fell to the floor off my bed!!! So sorry....I bawled for a long time after that...and you and your sweet little spirit let me know that it startled you and as soon as picked you up, you stopped crying. You are still very hungry and mommy has fed you some bananas...you really like them. You still roll all over the place. You hand things back and forth from one hand to the other...and study them carefully....and you are such a gabber!!! Typical girl! :) In church, everyone loves to hold you!!! They say how beautiful you are and that you are the sweetest little thing and what a good baby you are...You let them hold you and never cry! That's right..Still LOVING your thumb!
6 months old - You have know started to eat solids and LOVE THEM! You eat green beans, squash, bananas, applesauce, peaches and eeewweee you like prunes!!! You absolutely do NOT like peas....and your little tummy can't tolerate the sweet potatoes!! You throw them up every time! You are scooting on your tummy...and reaching oh so very far to grab things you want..You roll and arch your little back to grab the things you want...Very determined little thing. You love rattles and shake them crazy, you love to let Riley and Madi hold you, you love to try to get Roxy to come over to you, you love to pick at the grass, you love to be rocked to sleep, and you love to smile!!!And I bet you can guess this one.....um..yup..still LOVE your thumb!
We love you so much lil Lily Bug and are so grateful you chose us to be your parents!!!


Mark and Lachelle said...

I cannot believe Lily is already 6 months!! Crazy! She's so cute! Oh, and thanks for the picture of her crappy diaper! I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit, when I saw the picture ;)

Lori and jesse said...

She is so beautiful! You're kids are so cute! Time goes by to fast. Enjoy them when they are young! Even if they drive you crazy sometimes.

Jana said...

That is such a precious little story of Lily's first 6 months with your family. What a beautiful little girl :)

Leslie & Josh said...

What a sweet tribute to your little Lily Bug. She's quite a cutie. Babies grow soo fast.

April and JJ said...

Your blog looks so good! I'm really jealous! Okay, date nite with Maddi and Billy is such a cute idea! I may have to rip that one off, even if it's just for the pictures! I love Lily's video, that's adorable! How is it that these children I've never even see are so big! They are cute as can be, and I love that you have a blog so I can keep up with you! Looks like things are going well, and I know you are a good mom!