Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates, Updates, and More Updates!

(I'm still adding to this post so keep expecting more!!! It just takes me a little longer cuz I have quite a few interruptions!)
It's about time I do this.....but I lose all motivation when I look at my blog! I don't like my template anymore but when I try to change it, I lose all my widgets on the side!!!! Anyone know how to do it without losing all the STUFF? I want the cute fonts too on my header, but have yet to figure it out. Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a video on this....I use my digital camera for my videos and when I stick the card into my modem, it plays it for me, but anywhere I try to open it, it says i.e. p1021.mov (mov means movie)...anyway that was boring, so here is the update on the King clan.

May 10th
We went and picked up our new puppie.....she is so stinkin cute! We couldn't wait until Mother's Day (yes one day...I know) to go get her so we left on Saturday and picked her up. We went to Jerome to get her and stopped to fill up with gas. While getting gas, this rather NICE couple came up to our car (they saw Roxy) and awe-ing and ooh-ing (sp..??) at her then the nice gal asked if we had a collar for her..we responded "not yet, we just picked her up"...then the nice guy hyped up and said "you better go get it for them".. She ran over to her car and brought us over a ...um... very vibrant tye dye collar for her...Very nice couple and very random...Why can't we have people around us like that anywhere we go...(not for the giving away of things...just the niceness..(Is that a word) it sure makes for a good day and for you to respond to other people that way).... then had to go to Twin so Bill could go pick up a scope from Sportsman's for his gun. So we had quite a long drive for a brand new lil pup. When we arrived home...Bill had the dog on his lap and she started to do some weird gurgling noise....and he threw her to me cuz he thought she was gonna poo....anyway, right when she landed on the towel I had for her..she barfed!!! That was the nastiest smellin thing I've ever had land on me!!! I started to dry heave...ooh (AHH I am dry heaving just thinking of it.! That's how nasty it was.) Anyhoo...She just got car sick and was a little home sick. (we think).
Riley and Madisen LOVE HER! Poor dog, Madi treats her like her baby dolls...she tries to carry her everywhere and makes her lay down, and tries to put her in things... Riley just loves having a doggy friend around again. Even Lily got excited about her. She'd try to grab for her and kick her legs like crazy and flail her arms out of control to try to get her.

May 11th - AKA "Mother's Day"
To make a long story short, it wasn't a very good day besides Riley singing for me in Sacrament Meeting....Bill had "disappeared" for 9 hours and no one knew where he was.....I'll share just a bit of the story...I was in the bathtub and here Lily gagging on something....I get out of the tub and she's eating a green piece of paper that Bill had given her to play with......The outcome.....(beware, this is for no one with a faint tummy)
Told ya!!! The next day, I COULD NOT figure out what was in her diaper!!! Sure enough though....green paper!
(Bill had gone off trying out his newly cleaned gun and had fallen asleep on the side of a dirt road!)

May 16th
We traveled down to Logan to go visit Grandpa David and Gramma Mary. Grandpa had invited Bill and Riley to go to his Father Son outing up Porcupine Canyon. Riley had "a lot of friends" up there and had a blast! Bill hung out with the other Dad's and had an enjoyable time. I believe I got the better end of the deal however (even though the camp out was fun). We hung out that evening and watched Enchanted (was that the name Mary?) and had lot's of goodies! Then Mal decided to come up and go shopping and eating with me!!! The kids had so much fun playing with the Rachel, Katie & Mikaylie and the pup)

Memorial Day Weekend
On Saturday. Bill and Riley went with the rest of his family which included Roger, Merri Ann, Tracee, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Sandra, Tyler, Kyle and Nelson down to Bruneau Canyon for some four bying. (It was way to rough and long for the two little girls to go, so I stayed with them) Riley and Bill got to ride the long journey in Nelsons Jeep and then got to go for a ride on the four wheeler when they got in the canyon. Bill said the road going down in was "pretty crazy". They planned on staying longer but got rained out. Pour Nelson had to ride in his Jeep all alone on the way home and he was soaking wet. On Monday we told Riley and Madi we'd take them swimming at Slaggers in door natural hot springs pool. We did a little house work that morning and went to the farmhouse for Lunch..yuummyy...and headed to the pool. When we got there, the sign said they were closing in an hour....so we broke his heart especially....We HAD to take them to go do something else to have our family time, so we drove to twin falls to find something to do. We ended up going to NAZZ CAR. It had some pretty cool things for older kids and adults to do but they also had a bounce house for the kiddos. Riley had so much fun, and Madi didn't want anything to do with it. Silly Girl.

A Little About Riley - He had his preschool screening a week ago and they couldn't find anything that showed he'd need to go to preschool so he may be accepted as a peer. (Here preschool is only for children that is "developmentally delayed" i.e. speech problems, hearing...ect...they even consider children that can't quite pronounce certain letters developmentally delayed.) I really hope they accept him for a peer...so he can have the social aspect of things before he enters kindergarten. He misses the deadline by a month. I'm alright with that because he's going to be the oldest and further along mentally. He is so dang cute right now....apparently I'm "the best" right now. Here is our conversation.
R- Mom, can I play the Wii when we get home?
M- You have to make sure all your toys are picked up and your room is clean, then
you can.
R- Thanks mom, YOUR THE BEST!
I have to admit, that made me feel good and totally made my day. :)

Madisen's new thing....She will walk around all day holding a phone and this is what she says..... Hi TJ, what ya doing TJ, Bye TJ... It is so funny, and we have no idea where she picked it up....(Maybe from the call on Mother's Day) (I hope you read this TJ, even little madi hasn't forgotten you. :) ) She also thinks that she is 6 years old....some days it's six, and some it's four. She also has a new thing about stripping off her clothes when she comes in the house....or having no pants on outside She is growing up so fast and Bill and I just can't get over how fast it is happening. We find ourselves just watching her play around in the evenings just in awe at how cute and smart she is getting.


Brian and Mal said...

Jenni! How sweet about your little Lily! I got a little misty reading about her.

If you want a Lee Lou template (that's what me, andrea and lachelle have) if the template you want is going to delete your side bar, you can email her and she'll fix the code so it deosn't erase your stuff! yahoo!

Misty said...

I love that you wrote down memories of Lily, I forget to quickly. I will have to start writiing things down monthly what I great idea. The puppy is cute too!

JD and Leah said...

I can't believe she is 6 mo. already! So adorable. I am having our third tomorrow! A little nervous and don't know how I am going to manage 3! You need to give me lots of tips! Well, I finally got a blog too, meaksfam.blogspot.com

The Cranes said...

Jenni - you need to bring your babies down to your Grandmothers house so I can hold them and eat their cheeks! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Jana said...

It is so good to see how your family is doing. I love the pics...especially Madisen in the red cowgirl hat and the one of Riley cuddled up with Lily. They warm my heart!