Monday, February 25, 2008

Elders Quorum Ski Trip

Okay, so all of you that don't know Bill has been the Elders quorum president for 1 1/2 years. Well, growing up, I always attended our ward ski trip for many years and Bill said they never did that in Wendell. (Despite having Sun Valley and Pomerelle ski mountains close by.) Anyway I talked him into scheduling one this year. It was scheduled for February 15 at Pomerelle. At the same time, the Wendell Girls High School team was playing their tourney's and ended up placing first and was headed to state in Boise. Well state playoffs were the weekend scheduled for the ski trip. To make a long story just a little bit shorter.....we moved the ski trip to the following weekend February 23. Everyone was ecstatic when they heard about the trip and some were disappointed that it wasn't a ward party. Well of course Bill made me in charge of food and drinks and we made our way to Declo and up to Pomerelle. The party was awesome....the snowboarding not so much. It has been very warm and without snow and so the mountain was just rock hard. You'd wreck..(yes, I will admit that I did wreck) and bust a bone because it was that hard....anyway, I'll post a picture a little later of all that attended. You will be amazed.

That's right!!! The Party consisted of Bill and I...(and my bro-inlaw Sherm)


Jana said...

Long ago, Wendell did go skiing for Elder's Quorum parties! I was just a girl then, in my pink snowsuit, pink coat, and pink & gray moon-boots. Billy was probably too young to remember it. How fun that you got to go skiing! So there were only 3 of you that went???

Megan said...

Thats funny! Well at least you guys got to ski/board and got to have the refreshments all to yourself!! hehe (;

Brian and Mal said...

The song on our blog came with the slideshow that I posted.